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Director and playwright. Studied stage direction at Tel Aviv University. His plays were staged at the Acco Theatre Festival, Tmuna Theatre, Hsimta and Ztavta Theatre in Tel Aviv. 

Ben Seadia wrote a satirical column for the national newspaper Maariv, as well as for local newspapers such as “Ha’ir” and “Hadashot”. Published short stories in the literary sections of several national newspapers - “Yediot”, “Davar”, “Al-Hamishmar” and “Maariv”. His book of short stories “Happy Holidays Mr. Nachmias” was published by Hakkibutz Hameuchad Publishing Group.


Among his works for the theatre:
“Fuchs” - writing and directing, Honorable Mention at the Acco Theatre Festival;
“Early in the Summer of 1970”- an adaptation of A. B. Yehoshua’s novella with Shimon Finkel in the lead role;
“King of the Village”- writing and directing;“Ashrei”- writing and directing;
“Stray Dog”- an adaptation of S.Y. Agnon’s novel “Tmol Shilshom”;
“Hamalbush”- an adaptation of three short stories by S.Y. Agnon;
“Pisces”- writing and directing; “Guided Imagination”- writing and directing;
“Sh’ma”- writing and directing; “Sdom”- writing and directing;
“Jerusalem”- writing and directing; “Man of Steel from Katzenelson”- an adaptation of Amir Gutfreund’s novel “Our Holocaust”, Adaptation and Writing Award at the “Theatronetto” festival.    


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