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Guided Imagination

A lyrical comedy-fantasy.

Six characters in search of, not an author, but a refuge from themselves. Sometimes a short connection is made between them and sometimes it unravels. In the army, at the bank, in college or at the beach. A chaotic universe in which the only way to survive is through dreaming, humor, dress up and play.

Writing and directing: Udi Ben Seadia

Actors: Ohad Shachar, Aviv Zemer, Eran Sarel, Yehuda Lazarovic, Nophar Levinger, Tamar Meoded, Maya Koupchik

Photography: Yochi Bluestein

"As soon as Tamar Meoded’s piano started playing and the lights came up, I was thrown into a hypnotizing, stirring, moving atmosphere that I haven’t experienced in the theatre for a long time. The combination of five wonderful, bare and fragile actors and accurate and sensitive writing and directing that so effectively plays the heartstrings, the contrast between the ‘clean’ chamber set and the huge intensity on stage, all of these made Guided Imagination into an unforgettable experience. Funny, painful, touching and harshly critical."

> Director and screenwriter Yifat Kedar


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