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Man of Steel from Katzenelson Street

Based on “Our Holocaust” by Amir Gutfreund.

A one-man show, participated at the “Theatronetto” Festival 2007.

Late 1970’s in Israel. Big things are happening. Operation Entebbe, The peace agreement with Egypt, Tal Brody’s “We are on the Map!” and Izhar Cohen’s “A-ba-ni-bi”. But alongside those magnificent stories, in the Katzenelson neighbourhood in Kiryat Haim, some dark and terrible stories permeate. Stories from “back there”. Amir, a 13 year-old boy, is “not yet old enough” to hear these stories, to know what happened to his neighbours and relatives “back there”, in the war.

Writing and acting: Moshe Ferster

Adaptation and directing: Udi Ben Seadia

Stage design: Yifat Giladi

Lighting design: Netta Koren

Original music: Roni Zakai

Photography: Gerard Alon

Winner of the Adaptation and Directing Award at the “Theatronetto” festival, 2007

"The creators have managed to transfer the essence of the novel - filled with humor, compassion and terror - into  fascinating and accurate acting, and to bring to life, full of theatrical content, an entire haunted neighborhood."

> Theatronetto” Festival Jury, 2007

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