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A wildly disturbed satire based on a short story by S. Y. Agnon.

This is the story of Fishel Karp, the town ticoon, the orphan Bezalel Moshe and a big fish, whose pedigree goes all the way back to the fish who accompanied Jonah on his journey to Nineveh. A cruel and funny satire on fish, people and endless gluttony that knows no boundari

Writing and directing: Udi Ben Seadia

Acting: Roni Blitz

Music: Hovav Ben Seadia

Set and costume design: Uzi Amrani

Lighting design: Meir Akrish

Video: Idan Itzhayek

Art: Ofira Avisar

Photo by: Yossi Zwecker

"Very few actors are able to take on the quarter tones of  Agnon's language and give it life. That is Roni Blitz's achievement in the play "Pisces", directed with great devotion, by Udi Ben Seadia."

> Prof. Yossi Izraeli


© All rights reserved to Udi Ben Seadia

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