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A tragicomedy about murderousness, pathology, and everything in between.

Vaxi and Maxi, two hired assassins, arrive at an awareness retreat in Sdom, looking for Schneider.

Who is this Schneider? Who sent them? Can they also be set free of the demons who haunt them? Can they find a way to escape their mission, the memories of their past, the path they’ve been walking for years?

Writing and directing: Udi Ben Seadia

Stage design: Yaara Zadok

Costume design: Natasha Mentel

Lighting design: Matan Ferminger

Original music: Ron Klein

Vocals: Nophar Levinger

Actors: Eran Sarel, Doron Zafrir, Rafi Rotem, Maayan Goshen, Roni Yacobovitz

Photo: Yossi Zwecker

"I am a small enterprise, and direct my work to a small and modest theater," he defines himself. "Give me 50-60 spectators and I'm delighted. I was the cultural coordinator at my kibbutz, and I'm very comfortable in my intimate flower bed, which grows a kind of high culture for a small audience."

> Udi Ben Seadia

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"Udi Ben Saadia, writer and director of the play "Sdom", plunged head-first onto the cycle stage at Tmuna Theatre, trying to challenge the all-too-familiar frame of news-style plays dealing with  current events.

Arriving at Sdom- a place and a symbol- are two executors in pursuit of a fugitive who they are commissioned to kill. They find themselves attending a personal empowerment workshop, as is the custom nowadays among those seeking self-redemption, and go head-on with the group’s facilitator who will not allow them to participate. This marks the beginning of a series of violent confrontations which should probably remain untold for now.

Ben Saadia’s writing is knowingly and willingly influenced by the Theatre of the Absurd, for instance the two main characters- Max and Vecsler- bring to mind Goldberg and McCann from Harold Pinter’s “Birthday Party''.

The Israeli “madhouse” finds expression here within guilt-ridden characters who carry accusations, paranoia and  victimhood that impede them in their attempt to dismantle their emotional and mental burden.

Dramatic, funny and all-in-all an original attempt to make a different kind of theatre with an impressive and delightful group of enthusiastic actors."

> Oded Kotler

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