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Based on a short story by Yehoshua Kenaz.

A coming-of-age story of a young boy in one of the small towns in the early days of the state of Israel. He encounters the ‘horror’ of life- sex, death and violence- in animals and humans alike. The necessity to form a stance on life- to believe in the good nature of people.

Writing and directing: Udi Ben Seadia

Costume design: Natasha Mentel

Lighting design: Adam Rotblit

Actors: Itzik Drey, Motty Sabag, Roni Yacobovitz, Sharon Langer 
Photography: Yochi Bluestein

"Two actors, two actresses and one big ‘wow’!! It was a punch in the face, in the best possible sense. I highly recommend it!"

> Journalist Razi Barkai


"Wonderful work! The adaptation to the stage, the detached characters, the acting- all create a very strong and unique experience."

> Author and playwright Sagit Emet

"Playwright and director Udi Ben Seadia guided two actors and two actresses and together they have put up a breathtaking string of pieces of life in the fringe of society, on the basis of Yehoshua Kenaz’s wonderful story… Kenaz, one of the greatest Israeli novelists, receives poetic justice here. The characters he created in his literary imagination come to a full three dimensional life. The director and actors deserve a deep bow for this accomplishment."

> Actor and director Oded Kotler


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