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Stray Dog

The story of the life and death of Issac Kumer.

This is the story of Issac Kumer, the protagonist in “Tmol Shilshom”, one of the greatest novels by Nobel prize winning author S.Y. Agnon. Here it is served in an original new outfit, while trying to keep the rich language and attempting to figure out the tragic relationship between the main character, an immigrant of the Second Aliyah, and Black, the dog.

Adaptation and directing: Udi Ben Seadia
Actor: Eran Sarel
Choreography and dance: Maya Stern

Original music: Yuval Mesner
Stage design: Dana Serfaty
Lighting: Omer Ben Seadia

Voiceover: Haim Be’er

"Director Udi Ben Seadia with actor Eran Sarel and dancer Maya Stern turn the strange story of Black the dog in S.Y Agnon’s novel ‘Tmol Shilshom’ into an exposed and extreme show that approaches Agnon’s work without a hint of revere and manages to turn it into a fascinating and relevant piece of theatre."

> Marat Parhamovsky, Time Out Tel Aviv


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