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King of the Village

A one man show about the disintegration of the collective and Zionist dream.

It’s the eve of the Israeli Independence Day. Dudu, a man in his 50’s, stands amidst the crowd selling flags, spray foam cans and rubber hammers. Before the sky gets lit with fireworks, he will tell the audience his whole life story and the events that have brought him to his current state.

Writing and Directing: Udi ben Seadia

Acting: Tal Ginat

Music: Hovav Ben Seadia

"Ben Seadia’s text is sensitive and complex, primarily in the ability to create a parallel between the story’s three injured souls- the black dog, the rejected little boy and the narrator. All three are led toward a similar fate- being violently thrown out of the warm and loving cocoon that is the village.
The stage direction is dynamic and flows naturally towards the climax.
Above all, this is a very human, thought-provoking play. It mourns the loss of that legendary ‘village’ that vanished, along with that naive joy of the Independence Day celebrations."

> Shai Bar Yaacov, Yedioth Ahronoth


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